Mission Statement:
Term Life Ontario Inc. is an independent insurance agency dedicated to achieving and fostering lasting relationships with our clients through our commitment to high quality service, operating with integrity, professionalism and providing competitive product solutions.

About Term Life Ontario

Judy Shiwji is the Founder and Insurance Advisor of Term Life Ontario Inc. and a member of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada.

Judy graduated in Marketing in 1989 and pursued a career in the Financial Industry. After experiencing personal financial challenges resulting from the passing of a loved one, combined with chronic health issues affecting her young child in 2008, Judy decided to apply her acquired knowledge and experience to specialize as an Insurance Advisor in 2009.

“Life insurance should be part of every Canadian’s Financial Plan. Many Term Insurance Plans are currently very affordable and flexible to suit anyone’s budget and lifestyle. Life Insurance can protect a single person wanting to protect their Legacy or a business owner protecting their business operations from a family or loss of a business partner. It truly protects a family should either partner pass away. Both partners/spouses should be covered. Families are not left without the burden of paying expenses for a funeral, debts accumulated, children’s education debts or everyday bills.” Judy Shiwji

“Many people do not want to talk about Term Life Insurance coverage, but we insure our most valuable possessions such as cars and homes. We tend to forget that Death is an unknown and can happen in many ways at any time. No one should have to think about how they are going to manage their financial future while putting a loved one to rest. Our family can lose all those possessions if we are not prepared and it becomes a sad situation. It’s a hard reality.”

~ Judy Shiwji

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