Privacy and Compliance

We are an Independent broker and therefore do not work for one insurance company. We shop for the best insurance product based on all information collected from YOU. We abide by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canada’s private-sector privacy law. We do not sell or rent your information, it’s solely used by our organization for the purpose of providing quotations, completing a sale and on-going follow ups as our client.

Our Commitment to our customers and insurance suppliers. In order to provide our customers with access to insurance products and services, we collect certain personal information, to provide the best recommendation of product or service and on behalf of our insurance providers. We are contracted with several insurance companies who expects us to protect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of the individuals who provide it. Our commitment to following this obligation is critical to the success of our business.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. We will collect information only with consent.
  2. Your information is used solely to provide recommendation for the best suitable product.
  3. We collect information through our website that is considered general contact information. By contacing us through a quote form, insurance calculator, phone or email, you give us permission to use the information provided to contact you.
  4. We are also under contractual obligation from our provincial insurance regulators to conduct a Needs Analysis Assessment of our customers in order to provide our customers the best insurance advise which is the Insurance Calculator on our website. Insurance companies also ask if this assessment was conducted before an application was completed.
  5. ONLY If completing an insurer’s application for insurance, you are giving us permission to release your information for processing of application to the Insurance Company to whom you are applying for insurance. We collect only that personal information which is necessary to such purposes. This may include but not limit to health information, financial information and information about avocations. This information is sent to the insurance company and is used to determine insurance risk, assess eligibility for products, to administer those products once purchased and to fulfill certain regulatory requirements.


You as our client

  1. All insurance applications are sent to the insurer, we do not keep copies of completed application or your medical information, as these become the property of the insurer and are considered private under privacy laws.
  2. We are your insurance advisor and the information we keep, includes your contact information, details on your coverage, such as type, amount, effective date, termination date etc. These are
    relevant information we keep on you as our client and for us to assist you in your financial goals.
  3. We work with each client throughout the entire sales process. We keep you informed during the entire process.
  4. All personal information along with all other information is kept in a locked cabinet, accessible only to authorized personnel. Computers are accessible by password security.
  5. We DO NOT collect money payable to our organization. Nor do we accept cash.
  6. Any payments we collect are to be made payable to the insurance company to whom you’ve applied for insurance.
  7. We are compensated by the insurance company.

You may request a copy of our full Privacy Policy at anytime by sending us an email.